All BOE 125th Birthday Games!

This Bank of Englands birthday is a special one, so get celebrating with our fun games! These games will help you learn just how long we've been around serving people!

Guess Which Is Older Than BOE

Click on the things you think are older than BOE! The card will flip and let you know if you are right or not!

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Can You Get the Order Right?

Click and drag the elements in the order that they happened, then hit the check answers button to see if you are right! When your answer is right, it will turn green and show the date it happened. Try as many times as you like! On mobile click and hold for a second to order them!

- Earliest -

Canadian Independence
Hawaii Purchased by US
Australia made sovereign nation
BOE is founded
Northern Ireland joins UK
Theodore Roosevelt becomes president

- Latest -

BOE Galaga

Galaga is a Hall of Fame video game that everyone enjoys! Try our own specialized version and see if you can win this amazing game! Use the arrow keys to move left and right, and the spacebar to fire at the burgers or use the buttons below! Just make sure you click on the game once you start it! This game is only playable on desktop computers

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